The Music

SPIN’s varied and tuneful pop-rock score features gospel, doo-wop, blues and more, and is arranged for performance by a four-piece combo of double keyboard, bass, drums, and guitar.

All music composed by M. Kilburg Reedy except: (a) *music for “Selfish” (both parts), “In Spite Of You”, and “The Suicide Waltz” composed by Jonathan Dinerstein; (b) **music for “Spin” composed by Jonathan Dinerstein and M. Kilburg Reedy.

Vocalists:   Suzanne Adams, Emily Bindiger, Joel Blum, David Brummel, Izetta Fang, Anika Larsen, Karen Mack, Mika Nishida, Adam Overett, Amanda Ryan Paige, Sean Jeremy Palmer, Trisha Rapier, Blair Ross, Stacey Sergeant

Musicians: Jonathan Dinerstein and Michael Roberts (keyboards), Howie Gordon and Chip Fabrizi (drums), Rachel Kaufman (bass), Jimmy Prav and Alan Korosy (guitar)

Recorded at Avatar and PPI Recording Studios. Mixed and mastered at PPI Recording Studios by Chip Fabrizi and Chris Howard.

Recordings copyright © 2004 and © 2005 by MKR Music.   All rights reserved.   Unauthorized duplication, distribution and/or public performance of recordings are prohibited.