Rancho Alamitos High School

Rancho Alamitos, California, 2007

» Posted on Oct 14, 2011

Rancho Alamitos High School

“I have done several big named musicals in the past but few can compare to SPIN: A MUSICAL MYTH.   The show was a great hit with our students because we truly got to create something original because we had no preconception of what the show looked like.  We got to use our imagination and create something different.

“The show was also easy to produce.  It has a flexible cast that makes it adaptable for most high schools.  The music was easy to teach because there is a good reference recording on the website and the score was easy to read.  Also, the script has great ideas on scenery and some suggested stage directions, which made my job a lot easier.

“If I was looking for a musical with a flexible cast, great music, and a memorable story that few will forget, SPIN: A Musical Myth would be my top selection.”

-Samuel Nunez, Rancho Alamitos High School Vocal Music Director

“SPIN: A MUSICAL MYTH was my favorite musical I did in high school because the story was so meaningful, especially in a high school setting where some students might feel alienated and alone, the story teaches the audience that no one is truly alone.  Also, the music rocks!”

-Aaron Tiscareno – “Cosmo”, Rancho Alamitos High School

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